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RiskClear Direct is available as an add on module to RiskClear.

RiskClear Direct is a simplified version of RiskClear that can be accessed by each of your staff for them to report directly into RiskClear.

These reports are then accessed by management staff to continue the process by analysing for risk and assigning further action as necessary. RiskClear can then provide feedback to the staff member on the outcome of their report. Each staff member can access their own reports only.

RiskClear has been designed in this way as we have found, that even with training, risk analysis completed by different staff members can be inconsistent.

Staff are not required to complete a risk assessment in their report, but rather just the facts of the incident or hazard. There is also the option for them to give their ideas on how this situation could be prevented as they have first-hand knowledge.

As the risk assessment is completed by the designated quality manager in your organisation, the ratings remain consistent and the collected data more accurate and meaningful.

Sending feedback to the staff member on the outcome of their report, encourages future reporting as they can see how their action has been beneficial. As RiskClear is purposely very straightforward and easy to complete, staff are also happier to report incidents or hazards as it is not a time consuming task. This results in improved reporting rates and a more accurate overview of what is happening in your hospital.

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