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Log Risks and Hazards and create multiple risk registers to manage and monitor current and potential risks

Create records describing potential risks and detail any contingency planning for each event. A risk record can also be completed and linked to the individual incident, near-miss and complaint to create a better profile of your hospital's overall risk.

For each record, you can build a risk ratings history, allocate and notify staff of responsibilities and actions, respond to relevant parties and track the history of each record to finalisation.

Allocate potential risks to a risk register, and split the register into groups or allocate them to responsible staff.

NSQHS Standards can be allocated and records can be scheduled for discussion at forthcoming meetings, and reminders sent before the meeting. Feedback can be sent directly to staff to keep them informed of follow up actions and progress. Documents can be linked to each record


Analyse and take action on incidents and near misses, and provide feedback to staff reporting the incident

Record any incidents and near misses that may occur, including first to attend and contributing factor details. Complete a risk analysis for each record and link similar incidents or near misses to the same risk analysis.

A notification will be auto-generated and sent to the responsible person(s) once the incident has been reported.

NSQHS Standards can be allocated and incident records can be scheduled for discussion at forthcoming meetings, and reminders sent before the meeting. Feedback can be sent directly to staff to keep them informed of follow up actions and progress. Mark notifiable events for easy collation and reporting. Documents can be linked to each record.

Create and link clinical indicators, infection event records or quality improvements directly from your incident record.

Reports include incident clusters and quarterly trends, incidents per bed days and medication incidents. Near misses can be filtered from reports or reported on separately. Also, reports can be de-identified to ensure patient and doctor privacy


Report complaints for effective investigation and management. This includes suggestions and compliments for a comprehensive complaints management system.

Optionally complete a risk analysis on the complaint and manage all actions performed to resolve each complaint to ensure appropriate actions are taken. Complaints can also be directly linked to a related incident. Multiple complaints can be linked to the same risk record.

Create a quality improvement directly from the complaint.

NSQHS Standards can be allocated and complaint records can be scheduled for discussion at forthcoming meetings, and reminders sent before the meeting. Feedback can be sent directly to staff to keep them informed of follow up actions and progress. Documents can be linked to each record.

Suggestions made by clients can be recorded and tracked by linking it to a quality improvement.

Compliments for individuals or hospital areas can be collected and a report generated for a popular addition to the staff notice board


Report and assess your workplace hazards and action quickly with email notifications.

Manage your workplace hazards to mitigate or resolve the risk. Rate the situation for the consequences and likelihood of recurrence, and record the appropriate action taken to give a full history of the hazard record.

The person responsible for taking action will be emailed with the details automatically once the record has been created. The person responsible for ensuring that hazard record is managed will receive reminder notifications if reviews are due or if the record remains open and unresolved. The staff member reporting the hazard can be notified of progress on the record.

You can add the hazard record to your risk register for future monitoring and action.

NSQHS Standards can be allocated and records can be scheduled for discussion at forthcoming meetings, and reminders sent before the meeting. Feedback can be sent directly to staff to keep them informed of follow up actions and progress. Documents can be linked to each record.

Create a quality improvement directly from the hazard record


Multiple custom surveys can be set up on a tablet, with the results automatically updated into RiskClear for analysis and reporting.

Setting up your surveys on a tablet saves you the time of collating the results and the cost of printing and distributing the survey forms. The simple to use interface also encourages a greater response rate.

You design your own survey questions and responses in RiskClear, and the survey software presents them in easy to use tick boxes or free text. Any number of surveys can be run on the one tablet allowing you to have separate surveys for patients, carers, staff, doctors or anyone who you wish to survey.

The responses are automatically updated into RiskClear, and presented in analysis reports to give you a clear picture of your survey results.

Survey responses can also be manually entered directly into RiskClear from paper surveys or over the telephone and automatically added to the results


Capture your clinical indicators and create a benchmark report to analyse your results.

Clinical indicator information includes any associated doctors or staff associated with the record.

Results can be displayed as a rate per 1000 bed days and can be benchmarked over time to show trends relating to individual indicators. Where RiskClear is installed across a group, hospitals and surgeons results can be benchmarked over time.

Clinical indicators can also be linked from Incidents records


Report and manage your infection events and exposure injuries

You can create infection event records directly from Incidents or as stand alone records.

Record action and outcomes of each infection incident. Also record exposure injury details including the times and details of all steps taken in the follow up process.

Report on your infection events per bed day in graphical form


The Audits Summary monitors performance and helps to identify areas of improvement.

Audits summaries can be completed manually, or if the entire audit is done on tablet, the results will be updated directly into RiskClear including a pre-populated audit summary.

You can indicate and keep track of recommendations, compliance rates, follow up details and methodology used. Supporting documents can be linked to the audit.

Multiple Quality improvements can be directly created from your audit results, or it can be linked to an existing quality improvement to compare results


Create quality improvements to document all steps taken to ensure continuous improvement.

The Quality Improvement (QI) register makes it easy to analyse the outcomes and effectiveness of the changes you have implemented.

Each QI can be created independently or directly from an incident or near miss record, risk or hazard record, feedback record, audit summary and even a document register record.

Actions can be created and reviewed over time with email reminders auto-generated when the review falls due . Email notifications of actions required can be sent to the relevant person.

Outcomes and effectiveness are recorded. External documents can be attached to the QI record and relevant NSQHS standard(s) selected.

Your Quality Improvement register will show the area of improvement, the effectiveness of the QI and outcomes


The audit schedule will notify relevant staff as audits become due. The schedule can also be used for any regular tasks that needs to be completed.

Audits and tasks can be created to auto repeat on a recurring schedule on the easy calendar-style schedule. Configure notifications for up to 4 people including the auditor and link an audit summary or the entire audit to each scheduled audit.

The audit schedule is searchable by keyword and can be filtered by audit group and audit or task owner


Complete your audits on tablet for convenience and accuracy.

You can design your own audit template and the entire audit can be run on tablet over wi-fi. The details of the audit will update directly into RiskClear and create the audit summary automatically.

You can optionally enter audit details manually into RiskClear


The document register will manage your current policies and forms and monitor the approval process of new documents.

The register colour codes different types of documents eg. forms, policies, brochures, audit tools and external documents.

The status of each new document or version can monitored and notifications and reminders sent to those responsible for approving the document. Multiple staff members can be selected to approve each document.

When an existing document nears its expiry date a notification will be sent to the document owner.
The reason for a document change can be recorded and a Quality Improvement record can be created.

Documents can be marked as high risk and the relevant NSQHS standard can be selected. When the document is no longer is use it can be retired and filtered from the register


Use the training register to oversee and update training requirements, and notify staff of their upcoming courses.

Training schedule options include once-off training or recurring with auto repeat. Multiple staff members can be selected for the one training course, or numerous training courses can be selected for the one staff member.

The training co-ordinator will receive an email notification when training becomes due, as well as the staff members receiving the training.

The schedule can be printed, emailed as a PDF or excel to be shared with staff.

Overdue training is highlighted on the schedule for easy identification


The maintenance schedule helps you take control of the maintenance of all hospital equipment.

Schedule reminders on a regular interval to remind key hospital staff, including external contractors themselves, of the upcoming task.

Link documentation to the base task including user manuals and supporting documents.

After completion of each task, record specifics of the maintenance job and enter review dates which will trigger follow-up reminders. Documentation can also be attached to each task including any compliance certificates and invoices.


Record all your contractor and supplier details and manage their contract and insurance details.

The register will email the contractor automatically when their compliance certificate renewals become due. All documentation can then be linked to each record.

You can also assign a status to assess their performance. The register automatically links to the Maintenance Schedule to simplify your workload.


Manage your VMOs' details including their re-credentialing and certifications.

This register will email the VMO to notify when credentialing and certifications are due. Credentialing notifications include your re-application and information forms.

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