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“In our evolving and growing network of Health Care Facilities we have found RiskClear to be very compatible and responsive to our needs. RiskClear is easy to use and John and Cecilia provide friendly, professional training and support. Their collaborative approach, along with their comprehensive manual and online support, enables effective use of the software.

RiskClear is enabling our network of hospitals to report and manage our risks in a timely manner as well as support our quality management needs. The linkages this system provides between risk, incidents, quality, audit and training is invaluable. It enables managers and staff to respond holistically and in doing so improve patient outcomes . Being able to allocate tasks, automate reminders and ensure follow up is vital to responsive health care. The Training and Audit features in Risk Plus are proving to be integral in ensuring our quality management systems comply with relevant industry standards, as well as informing the organisation of opportunities for improvement.

I have worked with and used many risk and quality software systems over the last 28 years, and RiskClear has exceeded my expectations with its capability and responsiveness. It is in my experience the best system I’ve used, equalled by the Team that deliver, develop and support it.”
Giselle Latta – Quality Systems Coordinator, Montserrat Day Hospitals

“RiskClear has proven to be a reliable, easy to use Risk Management and Quality Improvement software system implemented across the five hospitals in the Presmed Australia Day Hospital Group since October 2015 It has facilitated the implementation of our Quality Plan and enabled improved data collection, analysis of data, evaluation of risk and ready extraction of Clinical Indicator benchmarking data. Customer service is excellent, proactive and readily available with solutions tailored to our individual requirements. I would have no hesitation in recommending RiskClear to others.”
Roger Cronin – CEO, Presmed Australia Day Hospital Group

“We love our RiskClear.”
Bronwyn Mincherton – Director of Nursing, Waikiki Private Hospital

“We’ve been waiting years for something like this.”
Eugenie Valero – Risk Manager, Western Hospital SA

“RiskClear Direct has saved us a lot of time and paperwork. Both staff and management find it easy to use which has meant that any incidents are actioned quickly and monitored over time. Staff also appreciate receiving a response on the progress and outcome of their reports.

The patient and carer tablet surveys have improved our feedback response rate. It is simple to set up and has made our survey analysis and reporting so much quicker and easier.

RiskClear has allowed us to streamline our risk, incident, quality and feedback systems. We’ve always found the Support to be very quick and friendly, with great communication.

I would highly recommend this system to any private facility in the health industry.”

Peter Bailey – CEO, Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital


“We were looking for a straight forward, affordable and comprehensive Quality Management system as our paper based approach to Incident and Accident Management, Risk Management and Feedback Management was becoming cumbersome and unmanageable. We looked at many solutions and found RiskClear to be the best solution for our hospital. From the very beginning John has been very helpful, frequently going above and beyond to help us with our requirements. We started out just managing our Incidents and Accidents, however we soon added Risk Management and Feedback Management due to the ease of use of the system. Recently we have added our Infection Control management and QI audit schedules into RiskClear with Policy Management in the pipeline.

It is a pleasure to work with the RiskClear team they have always been very professional and RiskClear has now become an integral part of the governance for the hospital helping us with our compliance and NSQHS National Standards surveys. RiskClear is easy to enter data in for all users and the reports are easy to use and comprehensive. RiskClear has been developed with staff in mind due to its ease of use and simplicity. RiskClear is very easy to train staff on and the reports are easy for the administrators and the management team.

I would highly recommend RiskClear for any hospital looking for a simple but comprehensive governance solution that not only manages the core elements of a Quality Improvement Program but also encompasses some of the broader requirements of governance and compliance in a healthcare setting.”
Claire Barber – CEO, South Pacific Private

“RiskClear is an easy to manage program that has enabled us to enter data in a concise manner. Using the ‘snapshot’ we can readily identify our main risks from the incident data entered. RiskClear has saved us an enormous amount of time in trying to otherwise formulate this information into graphical data. John and Cecilia have listened to any suggestions we have made for changes to RiskClear that benefit the way we manage the program for our business and immediately instigated these changes. I would recommend RiskClear and the service provided to any business.”
Natalie Taylor – CEO Waikiki Private Hospital and Westminster Day Surgery

“RiskClear has made reporting so much easier for us here at LCP. Staff frequently use all the reporting functions especially for Incidents and Risk.

The Clinical Indicator, QI Audits and QI Improvement sections support our QI committee with real time information.

The biggest benefit to LCP is the Document Register, we now have a system to manage our Policies and Procedures .”
Bronwyn Boyling – CEO, Lithgow Community Private

“Using Riskclear has improved our risk management and auditing schedule immensely. It is user friendly and the support team are always available and very helpful. ”

Sarah Goldtseen – NUM, Brisbane Day Hospital

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